Granted patents and patent applications

Peer reviewed publications

High Temperature Cement
  • “Development of silica-enriched cement-based materials with improved aging resistance for application in high-temperature environments,” Krakowiak, K.J., Thomas, J.J., James, S., Abuhaikal, M. and Ulm, F.-J., Cement and Concrete Research, 105 (2018), 91.
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Cement Sheath Integrity
P&A and Foam cement
Permeable Cement, Lost Circulation and Calcium Aluminate Cement
Fracturing and Sand Control
Thermoplastics and Liquid Crystal Polymers
Polymer Solutions

Book Chapter

A recent publication from Elsevier, Fluid Chemistry, Drilling and Completion, Volume One, published November 2nd 2021. Edited by Qiwei Wang from Saudi Aramco.

The outline of chapter 5 on cementing additives is shown to the left. 57 pages and 174 references updated to the end of 2020.

Book Chapter

Remedial Cementing Chapter, authors G. Daccord, D. Guillot & S. James, in, Well Cementing, 2nd edition, P503 – 547, Schlumberger 2006. Edited by Erik Nelson and Dominique Guillot, Schlumberger.

Conference papers, and Oilfield Review articles

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Drilling Fluids
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Fracturing and Sand Control
  • “Screenless Completions: The Development, Application and Field Validation of a Simplified Model for Improved Reliability of Fracturing for Sand Control Treatments,” Guinot, F., Zhao, J., James, S.G. and d'Huteau, E., paper SPE68934 presented at the SPE 2001 European Formation Damage Symposium, The Hague, May 21-22.
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  • “What is expected from the cement in cementing for the life of the well? Details here